Parts, Formations, Solo Auditions

Part Assignments:

Spring 2023

Seating Formations:

8-part Front R5

Martin-Front R6

Solo Assignments

  • Messiah Auditions.numbers
  • Major solos are assigned by the conductor through audition.
    • Auditions are open to anyone regardless of section assignment.
    • Generally, the best voice is chosen; solos are not “passed around” democratically….. so If you want to sing a solo, you must win the audition.  For Messiah, however, assignments may be distributed to prevent undue vocal fatigue
    • Audition winners, principal and understudy, are expected to learn the solo and be ready to sing it at the next rehearsal.  The final choice of soloist is frequently identified as the piece is sung in rehearsal.
  • Bit solos will be assigned by the conductor without audition.

Section Leaders

  1. Lead by knowing your part before rehearsal….lead by example.
  2. Encourage your section members to learn their part before rehearsal.  Make sure they are accessing the online rehearsal plan.  If necessary, ask your members how they learn their part and if they need your assistance.
  3. Plan and execute one or more sectional rehearsals for your section.  Chose a date/time when everyone can be in attendance.  Make attendance mandatory.
  4. As errors occur in your section during rehearsal, make tactful but direct suggestions to your members about the error and how to fix them.  Do so quietly and in a way that does not distract the ensemble.
  5. Serve as the spokesperson to bring persistent/complicated errors to my attention.  I usually am working on a long list of errors and may seem to ignore errors in your section (or maybe have not detected an error); if I don’t get to your issue, bring it up in rehearsal.
  6. While Rachel (or her designee) will take role, keep track of tardies and absences in your section.  Contact your members to encourage perfect attendance