Rehearsal Notes

SUHC – Choral Festival 2018 – schedule update4

Southwest Choral Festival 2018 – recordings

Rehearsal Plans:  Each member is expected to prepare his/her part prior to rehearsal


Basic Part Assignment & Rehearsal Formation

Special Part Assignments, Divisi and Formations

 Recommended Recordings

Brahms PDFs for Major/minor keys

Britten Practice Tracks

Open this link to reveal Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass Tracks.  Double click the part you wish to study.  Right click the pages you wish to hear.  Open with….Music Player for Google Drive.  Control with Music Player.  (These instructions work for Mac and may differ for Windows)

Brahms Pronunciation Audio

Brahms Mvt I Parts

Solo Assignments

  • Major solos are assigned by the conductor through audition.
    • Auditions are open to anyone regardless of section assignment.
    • The best voice is chosen; solos are not “passed around” democratically….. so If you want to sing a solo, you must win the audition.
    • Audition winners, principal and understudy, are expected to learn the solo and be ready to sing it at the next rehearsal.
  • Bit solos will be assigned by the conductor without audition.