Attendance Record: Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Sheet 2

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Attendance Policy

(adopted 8/15/15)

Principles of membership:

  • Disciplined attendance and punctuality has a positive effect on the choir’s performance and morale and is required for the continuation of your membership.
  • Singers are to provide email notification regarding absences to the Vice President ( Proper etiquette is to submit notification prior to the occurrence.

Expectations regarding your attendance:

  • Absence:
    • Attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is expected.
      • Attendance at dress rehearsal and concert call is required for performance in the concert.
      • Rule of Thumb: save your need to be absent for illness or emergency.
    • Limit:
      • First absence—no consequences (with prior email notification).
      • Second absence—the Vice President will report excessive absences to Board of Directors, which will make a recommendation to the Director regarding continued membership.
    • Notification:
      • Absentees are expected to send prior notification by email to the Vice President.
      • If an emergency prevents prior notification, you are expected to send an email to the Vice President ASAP.
      • Verbal/text notification complicates record keeping and is considered inadequate. Verbal/text communication must be followed with email notification/confirmation.
    • Tardy:
      • Promptness is expected.
        • You are tardy if you are not in place at the designated rehearsal start time. Rule of Thumb: arrive 5 minutes prior to rehearsal start time.
        • Leaving rehearsal early is equivalent to being tardy.
        • The Director will end rehearsals at the designated rehearsal end time.
      • Limit:
        • First Two tardies—no consequences if no absences (15-minute maximum per occurrence, two tardies are equivalent to one absence).
        • Third tardy—the Vice President will report excessive tardies to Executive Committee.
        • A tardy for a concert call is equivalent to one rehearsal absence.

Rule of Thumb: arrive 10 minutes prior to the concert call time.

  • If you are sick:
    • Stay home if you are feeling bad—rest and recover.
    • If you are feeling OK and want to attend rehearsal but think you may be infectious, sit/stay apart from the choir. Practice with your ears and mind, with score and pencil in hand.
    • If are feeling OK, are sure you are not infectious, but are not able to sing, please sit with the choir. Practice with your ears and mind, with score and pencil in hand.

I understand and agree with the terms of this Attendance Policy.

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